Bibó István College



          ELTE Bibó István College for Advanced Studies

The ELTE Legal and Social Sciences College for Advanced Studies, or as it was later named ELTE Bibó István College for Advanced Studies was founded by law students in Budapest in 1983, following the English college model. Our College for Advanced Studies is still one of a kind in that it is the only Advanced Studies College to take part in the collegiate education of law and political sciences students and so plays a significant role in the so called Advanced Studies College Campaign. The College is a member of the Colleges for Advanced Studies Charter.

  1. The three pillars

The aim of the College is to provide its members with surplus of opportunities and knowledge when compared to the mass university curriculum, thereby preparing the law and political sciences students for both professional and labor-market expectations and challenges throughout their university and college education. These aims are represented in the principles guiding the operation of the College: Professionalism, Consciousness, Independence, Initiative, Responsibility, Self-Government, Transparency, Equality and Community, which are summed up in the three pillars, according to which the College organizes its activities: Professionalism, Community, Social responsibility.

2. Other activities

Under the guidance of the above principles our community furthers the expansion of each member’s knowledge with all its resources and endeavors for its students to become erudite, aware, multilingual, mindful and socially sensitive individuals. This places a burden on members to conduct their studies responsibly and make themselves worthy of the college and also to take an active part in the College’s professional work and curriculum. Throughout the years spent in the College the directors and tutors hope to enrich each individual’s spirit of initiative and responsibility, while developing their independent reasoning.